2024 Vault Rankings: Kmind Tops“Best Consulting Firms in Asia-Pacific for Innovation”

Issuing time:2024-03-21 18:40

Recently, Vault announced that Kmind Consulting was honored the first place in Vault Ranking’s“2024 Best Consulting Firms in Asia-Pacific for Innovation”,becoming the first Chinese consulting firm to top this list.

Following its impressive debut of placing in the top 3 in two of Vault's Asia-Pacific lists for 2023, Kmind has made a breakthrough in this year's Vault rankings. In addition to being named as the most innovative consulting firm in Asia-Pacific, Kmind swept all 18 rankings and achieved 2nd place in 11 categories, including Firm Leadership, Overall Business Outlook, and Satisfaction. Alongside Bain & Company and Roland Berger, Kmind is the first and only Chinese consulting firm to be feautred in “Top Consulting Firms in Asia-Pacific”, coming in at No.7.

Since Kmind’s notable entry in the 2023 Vault rankings, Kmind has been rapidly gaining international acclaim. By 2024, it is clear that the company is making significant strides onto the global stage. The impressive achievements are a testament to Kmind’s successes in assisting seven enterprises in surpassing RMB 10 billion (USD $1.4 billion) in sales revenue, delivering clients exceptional growth while seizing industry opportunities.

Established in 1996, Vault is one of the most authoritative career intelligence organizations. The prominent Vault rankings serve as a crucial reference for job seekers in consulting, investment banking, law and accounting industries.

Vault officials have made a positive assessment on Kmind, "As a firm founded and based in China, Kmind stands out even before considering its innovative approach to serving companies in its home market. Kmind’s outlook is highly promising, driven by a successful track record and a unique blend of Eastern and Western strategic insights."

"It's no small feat to be ranked No.1, especially by Vault, but it stands to reason that this would happen," as Timothy Eric James, Partner at Elevate Leadership Management, commented. "Kmind is already having a tremendous impact in the business world, and I have no doubt that will continue."

"The feature of the new generation of strategy pioneered by Kmind is to blend Western and Eastern wisdom, with the aim of winning the hearts of consumers and building your own 'Mona Lisa Iconic Smile' in their minds. The key to create this allure is to combine ‘aptness’ and ‘rationalism’ into strategy.” Noah Xie, Founder and President of Kmind Consulting.

As the pioneer and practitioner of "a new generation of strategy", Kmind’s tactics meticulously combines Western management theory and Eastern ancient wisdom, and creates a universally applicable strategic framework.

As a consulting firm specializes in corporate strategy and solution implementation, Kmind has been working with clients to deliver explosive growth since its inception, including Feihe, Bosideng, Yadea, Hodo Menwear, and Bull, guiding firms through complex market competition and transforming them into industry leaders.

Kmind's commitment to a new generation of strategy has also garnered praise from international experts. David Perez-Des Rosiers, the head of the Canada China Business Council's Beijing office, noted. "Kmind is a consulting firm that is very creative and brings eastern values to western practices, and I think this is very innovative, and that's what differentiates it from other very large consulting firms."

"I know that Kmind is dedicated to implementing these innovative business strategies, and I believe it is really making the difference in our industry," said Junho Suh, Founder of Ivy Global Consulting. "When I think of Kmind, it is about that innovative strategy. But it is more than that, I think there is a certain level of dedication and commitment to its clients and success."

Kmind has received a wide range of recognitions from top authorities across the world. In 2019, Kmind was awarded the “Oscar” of global consulting industry, the Constantine Award with ICMCI. Since 2020, 9 of Kmind’s practical cases have been featured in Harvard Business Publishing. In June 2023, Kmind became the first Chinese consulting firm to share its strategy insights at Harvard Club, Brown University and MIT.

Speaking of the future, Kmind is committed to guiding companies in attaining sustainable growth, "I hope Kmind can carve out a niche for our clients in the high-end market, and bring new generation of strategy to global consulting industry."