Where Mountains Meet the Sea: FTP 2023 in Action | Yangpu Port

Issuing time:2024-01-06 23:20

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The designation of "Port of Yangpu (CN YPG)" as a port of registration is one of the unique free trade port policies endowed on the Yangpu Economic Development Zone by the Hainan Free Trade Port Construction Master Plan. In recent years, Yangpu has fully capitalized on its geographical advantages, standing as it does at the intersection of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor and the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road", to seize major historical opportunities brought about by the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP). Utilizing the "Port of Yangpu (CN YPG)" and other shipping-related FTP policies, it has undertaken bold innovation and rolled out pilot programs, driving the rapid development of Yangpu's shipping and logistics industry and making outstanding contributions to Hainan Province's deepening and joint construction of trade exchanges with countries along the Belt and Road.

To date, a total of 42 international cargo ships have been registered under "Port of Yangpu (CN YPG)", with a total deadweight tonnage of 5.31 million tons, pushing Hainan Province to second place in China in terms of total international shipping tonnage. In the past three years, the port's shipping and logistics industry has begun to take shape. Nearly 600 new shipping-related companies have been established in Yangpu, covering shipping e-commerce platforms, financial leasing, ship management, crew management, maritime consulting services, and fuel supply, and more than 300 cargo ships, with a combined deadweight tonnage exceeding 12 million tons, are registered at Yangpu.

The Port of Yangpu has continued to strive to open up new domestic and international trade routes and is fast becoming a key international cargo transit port. In the past five years, 23 new domestic and international container routes have been established. At present, Yangpu Port maintains 44 routes in total, covering major domestic coastal and Southeast Asian ports, with routes connecting to the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans. Looking ahead, the port will create a full-coverage shipping network by further developing ocean-going intercontinental trunk lines, increasing the transport capacity of domestic coastal trunk lines, and increasing route density throughout the Beibu Gulf and other regions.

In this episode, HIMC presenter Henry and overseas communication officer Jay visit Yangpu Port to explore its container freight terminals and model enterprises and witness Yangpu’s speed and Chinese style.

Who is Jay

Jan "Jay" Kerekes is a Canadian of European origin with a rather adventurous life story. After finishing his master's degree in engineering, he set off on a journey around the globe that lasted almost 15 years, encompassing more than 100 countries. Usually, he would not live in one place for more than a year until he arrived in Hainan in 2018. The enchanting natural environment as well as the warmth of the local people made him stay and now, he calls Haikou his home. As he likes to say, this place perfectly fits his active lifestyle. Jay is an avid runner, swimmer and cyclist who often participates in different events organized all over the island.

Apart from excellent conditions for following his passions, Jay loves Haikou as a modern, growing city full of opportunities. Currently still employed in the education industry, Jay has already set up his own company. His new goal is to fulfill his professional ambitions and build a successful business connecting Europe, Canada and Hainan. In his own words, Haikou is the place where he can truly follow his dreams.

Who is Henry Hao KONG

Henry Kong, host for South China’s Hainan International Media Center (HIMC), has been in Hainan for three years. He grew up in China and studied in the U.S., attending the Pennsylvania State University before pursuing a journalism career. He became a correspondent and host for HIMC in 2020, hosting his program on the Internet and social media. Kong has also served as the host of HIMC’s business talk FTP Plus on TV.

Kong's journalistic output has earned him several honors over the years, including a first prize in Hainan News Award. In 2023, Kong attended China Media Group’s Host Competition and ranked top 10 in the event.