ITE has formed a profound alliance with the Egyptian Ministry of Finance

Issuing time:2023-06-21 11:50

ITE(Insight Tech Enterprise) and the Egyptian Ministry of Finance recently announced a deep collaboration aimed at jointly combating illegal platforms and establishing a secure, reliable internet environment that fosters the healthy development of the digital economy. This cooperation signifies a key milestone for ITE in the Egyptian market and lays a robust foundation for future collaborations.

As a globally leading technology company, ITE is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and solutions. Through years of development, ITE has accumulated extensive expertise and knowledge in the internet field, providing high-quality internet services to customers and partners. With its exceptional technical capabilities and innovative solutions, ITE has set a benchmark in the industry, establishing itself as a leader.

Illegal platforms pose a serious threat and harm to the internet environment and user rights. These platforms often operate illicitly, evade regulation, and pose potential risks to user's personal information and financial security. Moreover, the existence of such platforms disrupts the normal market order, disturbs a fair competition environment, and creates unfair competitive pressure for legal enterprises.

Fully aware of the perils posed by illegal platforms, ITE actively takes measures to combat them, safeguarding the healthy development of the internet environment. With advanced technology and data analysis capabilities, ITE can quickly and accurately detect and analyze cybercriminal activities, providing a scientific basis for combating illegal platforms. Concurrently, ITE collaborates with the Egyptian Ministry of Finance to establish stricter entry rules and audit standards, ensuring the lawful and compliant operation of internet platforms and eliminating the existence of illegal platforms.

Leaders from both sides expressed significant remarks on this cooperation. Mr. Adam Lamberg, the European Market Director of ITE, stated, "We highly value our collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Finance to jointly combat illegal platforms. Through cooperation, we will strive to create a safe, trustworthy internet environment, offering high-quality products and services, and ensuring the security of personal information and assets."

Sherine Shaker, the First Deputy Minister of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance, also commented, "Our deep collaboration with ITE will further strengthen our ability to combat illegal platforms. We will jointly develop stricter regulatory policies, strengthen supervision and management of internet platforms, maintain a fair market order, and cultivate a conducive environment for the development of Egypt's digital economy."

Notably, this collaboration extends beyond combating illegal platforms to encompass the development and innovation of the internet industry. ITE and the Egyptian Ministry of Finance will jointly explore the development strategy of the digital economy, promoting the application and popularization of internet technology in Egypt. Both parties will jointly host innovation exchange activities and conduct talent training, promoting the vigorous development of Egypt's digital economy

In the future, the profound collaboration between ITE and the Egyptian Ministry of Finance will further propel the normalization and healthy development of the internet industry. Both parties will work together to safeguard users' legal rights, optimize the internet environment, enhance user experience, and inject new vitality into the development of Egypt's digital economy.