Ourea AI Revolutionizes Video Editing with New Chat-Powered Video Editor Feature

Issuing time:2024-04-02 02:43

Introducing ourea ai’s new Feature: Chat video Editor

In an innovative leap forward for video editing technology, Ourea AI has announced the launch of its new feature, the Chat Video Editor. This cutting-edge tool allows users to create engaging e-commerce product promotion videos and apply sophisticated AI video effects through simple text commands, transforming the video editing landscape. By typing commands such as "make video by Amazon link" into the Chat Video Editor, users can generate compelling content in just one minute, with all content assets provided for easy optimization and modification.

Designed to democratize video editing, the Chat Video Editor caters to a wide range of applications beyond e-commerce, including faceswap, video translation, and dubbing, all accessible via a user-friendly chat interface. This innovation stems from Ourea AI's commitment to overcoming the steep learning curve associated with traditional video editing. By integrating natural language processing with editing commands, Ourea AI enables users to execute complex video editing tasks effortlessly, paving the way for more creative and diverse video content.

For example, users can quickly replace the face in a certain video file with the face in a new image with the help of the /faceswap function without the need for complex pointing and editing operations.

Next Generation Conversational Video Editing Products

[Rapidly realize descriptive video editing with the help of completely natural language + semi-commanded input], this is the original intention of ourea ai's ourea chat function which was first launched in March 2024.

Ourea ai has observed that a large number of users have a folding rate of 80% or more in the process of learning video editing to applying editing skills, which means that a large number of video editing techniques are difficult to be learnt and mastered. The current alternative to this problem is templated creation, where a large number of editing commands are bypassed by preset templates to achieve preset results. However, the biggest problem with this solution is homogenization, as the templates focus the attention of a large number of users on a certain number of templates, thus losing the diversity of videos and the ability to create innovative combinations.

After observing this huge problem, the ourea ai team has trained a large language model in combination with editing commands, which can process natural language parsing for a large number of editing-style commands, so as to complete one or more video editing operations with the help of the identity of an Agent instead of the user. Ourea Ai Chat is equipped with the following three powerful features:

1. traceability (current experience): every step of the AI process, output, and decision is displayed to the user, and the user can make adjustments to the display results;

2. auxiliary instructions (introduced after version 2.0): the user's natural language input process can be assisted in determining the type of instructions, the user can instantly make adjustments;

3. composite input (introduced after version 2.0): Users can perform multiple interdependent tasks in a single command, enhancing efficiency and creative freedom.

Currently ourea chat mode has been opened for free testing in 1.0 beta version, go to ourea.pro/chat-with-video-editor to experience it for free.

About ourea ai

Ourea ai was officially launched in early December 2023, and in just 4 months it has already gained over 300k+ signups in the MENA, US, India and other regions, and maintains a high growth rate of nearly 60w of traffic per month.