The Way to Salvation Through Education: Yes Gunn’s “Salvation Lies Within” Premieres in Singapore

Issuing time:2024-04-02 02:32

On the afternoon of March 25, The much-anticipated book launch of “Salvation Lies Within” took place at the One North campus of Nanyang Technological University, marking a milestone in the field of educational literature. Authored by the renowned educator Yes Gunn, this book offers a compelling narrative about the transformative power of education through the story of a teacher’s journey with a special student.

The event, organized by the MOM DON’T CRY FOUNDATION, Star Island Shanmeng, and the Nextgen Academy, drew attention from various sectors for its profound message and philanthropic mission.

Yes Gunn, the author of “Salvation Lies Within,” is the teacher who accompanied Youqing on his transformative journey. Having worked tirelessly on the front lines of education for many years, he has solved over 300 children’s challenges, including internet addiction, school aversion, depression, rebellion, and autism. Inspired by such educational impact, Tsinghua University Press was eager to publish this book.


Yes Gunn is known as a legendary figure and a practitioner in contemporary Chinese education, famous for providing ultimate solutions to various educational dilemmas and pioneering educational services for the cultivation of family heirs. Because of his astonishing educational solutions and secretive personality, Yes Gunn was dubbed the “Mentor” of China’s education sector (a reference to Mentor in Greek mythology, who was entrusted by Odysseus to educate his son). “Salvation Lies Within” and “The Godfather of Peking University” are two deeply moving personal works that document his years of educational insight, showcasing Yes Gunn’s profound educational philosophy and extensive practical experience.

In “Salvation Lies Within,” numerous insights into Yes Gunn’s educational thought and practical summaries are observed. The book not only unveils solutions to various “catastrophic” educational problems but also discusses many common educational challenges from a new perspective.

Faced with widespread praise from parents and various sectors, Yes Gunn believes his educational process emphasizes “effective” education and puts it into practice. Moreover, each educational plan is tailored for the student after a detailed investigation, ensuring every child has a personalized plan.

To the attendees’ surprise, the organizers also invited a young teacher discovered by Mr. Ye, Liu Ping, who is the “matchmaker” teacher who helped Youqing, the protagonist of the book, find love. In this “incredible” process of providing love assistance, she practiced Yes Gunn’s philosophy of “helping others to achieve self-fulfillment,” aiding Youqing and healing her own depression. The most touching aspect was Youqing, under the guidance of his teachers, maintaining his dignity on the journey to finding love, achieving a state that many ordinary people cannot.

Zong Junfeng, the Chairman of Tsinghua University Press, expressed the hope that this book will aid in education and called for society-wide attention to the mental and physical health of young people.

As a co-organizer of this event, Tsinghua University Press, with its reputation and expertise in the field of educational publishing, fully supports and empowers the publication and distribution of “Salvation Lies Within.” Chairman Zong Junfeng expressed the hope that through this book, they can aid in education, spread innovative educational concepts, and call for society-wide attention to the mental and physical health of young people. This would allow children to grow up healthily in accordance with their nature, thereby promoting social progress and development.

Reaching Outwards — The Call of Philanthropy

The main organizer of this event, the MOM DON’T CRY FOUNDATION SINGAPORE (MDCF), is an international charity foundation registered in Singapore, founded in 2024 by Ms. Yang Lan, motivated by her personal experiences. The foundation’s funds come from spontaneous donations and support from mothers around the world who are deeply saddened by the current situation of their children. Its goal is to eliminate life tragedies and promote global educational progress by spreading educational miracles and discovering talented educators.

Besides sharing Yes Gunn’s profound educational philosophy and practical experience, another significant goal of this book launch event was to raise funds through charitable donations for children in need of care, supporting those facing challenges in their educational and developmental journeys. The foundation hopes to leverage the power of the community and the transformative power of education to promote fairness and equal opportunities, ensuring that every child can find their direction in life in a warm and caring environment, embarking on their life journey filled with confidence and hope.

Wong-Mah Jia Lan, a renowned philanthropist in Singapore, mentioned her support for the education sector in Singapore during her sharing. She has adopted 836 orphans in her lifetime and donated over 27.5 million Singapore dollars to society. Now in her advanced years, Wong-Mah Jia Lan has been involved in charitable work for more than six decades. With her efforts, she has generously supported local universities and called for more people to participate in charity, helping those in need and realizing social value with the correct perspective on wealth.

Daniel Teo, Chairman of the Huangxiao Group in Singapore, shared the importance of family value inheritance within his family legacy, from reflecting on his great-grandfather Lim Loh and his eleventh granduncle, the famous anti-Japanese hero Lim Bo Sheng, to his own philanthropic practices that drive the sustainable development of his family.

Becoming Stronger — The Magic of Belief

Yes Gunn’s book seems to possess a kind of magic. During the launch, two parent representatives took the stage to share their emotionally charged stories of how they came to be connected with “Salvation Lies Within.” “Hao Ge’s” mother, Li Jinrong, recounted the heartbreaking journey she began when her child, at the age of 6, asked, “Mom, what would happen if someone jumped from here (the 9th floor)?” This question marked the start of her struggles with her child’s ADHD. Another mother, Song Ying, who has six children, shared the story of her 19-year-old son, Tony, who weighed 150 kg, was addicted to video games to the point of dropping out of school, and has now, with the help of his teachers, returned to his studies, improved his health, and found his passion. They went through the darkest moments of parenting and found, through reading, the stars that could save themselves and their children.

Yes Gunn stressed the importance of sincerity in education, “I want to educate children who I truly like, and education should eliminate the falsity of human nature, helping them find their life goals.” The current education system’s excessive competition and exam-oriented approach is an undeniable reality. The purpose of education is not just to satisfy family needs but also to carry the important tasks of nurturing talent and promoting social harmony and prosperous development. How to cultivate innovative talents capable of facing future challenges, viewing current education from a “simpler is better” perspective, should not be mechanical, rigid, or inflexible. Yes Gunn always emphasizes and insists on first helping students find their life goals, akin to finding a guiding light on the path of educational exploration.

“To illuminate and to achieve self-actualization,” like the spring breeze that nurtures growth and water that wears away stone, is not only Yes Gunn’s personal educational practice motto but also suitable for everyone who sparks educational inspiration.