SwanCode of YiJiaLian Group and Swancode Group officially released, anti-aging time

Issuing time:2022-09-03 10:55

Recently, China YiJiaLian Group and German Swancode Group have reached a strategic cooperation to officially introduce “SwanCode”, the RF anti-aging instrument of Swarco Group into China. The two parties jointly held the launch conference of “SwanCode” with many internationally renowned experts and scholars attending the event.

“SwanCode” RF anti-aging instrument, the world’s first patented instrument with intelligent composite RF technology, uses RF medical radio to promote the the continuous regeneration of collagen and increase collagen content, achieving the anti-ageing effect of tightening, lifting and beautifying the skin. The unique “AI bionic chip and compound frequency conversion technology” can intelligently detect the skin state and release the most suitable treatment frequency to achieve true targeted treatment.

In addition, SwanCode breaks technical barriers and integrates bipolar radio frequency, multi-level radio frequency, infrared photon, laser photon, ultrasonic therapy, etc into one. Through the calculation of the AI bionic chip, SwanCode integrates the left and right treatments into one, which is equivalent to a single treatment that performs a multi-instrument, multi-project treatment such as radio frequency, infrared, photon and ultrasound all together.

In order to provide more diversified anti-aging solutions for beauty lovers and to meet the higher level of anti-aging needs of beauty lovers, Swancode Group has been focusing on the development of the medical anti-aging field since before the “SwanCode” R&D project was established. “SwanCode” RF anti-aging instrument brings the global beauty seekers to a whole new level. The cooperation between Swancode Group and YiJiaLian Group is believed to bring more quality and safety options to the beauty seekers and bring a better transformation journey.

YiJiaLian Group has always been adhering to the core concept of integrating aesthetic design and advanced technology. The cooperation with Swancode Group Group marks the official entry of YiJiaLian Group into the new international medical aesthetics track. Medical beauty industry, as a typical representative of consumer medical care, is developing with low penetration and high growth. The introduction of “SwanCode” by YiJialian Group is to focus on the moment, dare to adapt to changes, seize new opportunities for development, enrich existing product lines, and improve market competitiveness. It also takes a long-term perspective, actively seeks changes, hoping to aggregate global quality resources on a wider, deeper and higher level and to enhance the momentum of international development.