Dmail's Subscription Hub officially Launched: The Future of Web3 Communications is Here

Issuing time:2023-10-26 16:09

The future of web3 communications is here- announcing the launch of Dmail Network's Subscription Hub.

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Dmail announced the official launch of Dmail's Subscription Hub, the flagship product designed to redefine how projects and users communicate in the Web3 space. With over 70 projects already on board, including industry leaders like SPACE ID, SafePal, Linea, Manta Network, BSC Daily, Conflux, Izumi Finance, Particle Network, Chain GPT, and many more, Dmail is setting the stage for a communications revolution.

Projects signing up get access to Dmail Network's 3.5 million registered users via Subscription Center and the project's personalized link for targeted marketing and personalized communications.

Dmail will be working closely with projects to grow their user bases via a variety of sophisticated marketing methods, so contact Dmail today to get started!

SIGN UP: Guide on how to sign up

Why the Subscription Hub is a Game-Changer

Traditional platforms like Twitter and Discord offer one-to-many interactions, often diluting the message and user engagement. Dmail's Subscription Hub is designed to offer direct, personalized messaging to users' blockchain wallet addresses or decentralized identities (DIDs), thereby significantly enhancing user experience and conversion rates.

Core Features

Personalized Communication

Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all messages. Its advanced AI algorithms enable robust user profiling, allowing developers to send targeted messages directly to subscribers.

Targeted Marketing

Instead of relying on unpredictable web2 algorithms to distribute your messages, gain direct access to your target audience's preferred channels—be it email, Telegram, Discord, or desktop notifications. With subscribers opting in through channel or Subscription Center, users're assured of reaching an interested audience. This level of engagement is set to amplify with Dmails forthcoming #MailtoEarn program, which tokenizes user data to offer incentivized interactions.

Cross-Chain Notifications

The Hub supports notifications across multiple platforms, ensuring users messages reach their intended audience through various channels like browser notifications, Dmail, Telegram, and external email systems. Dmail already support 16 major chains, with many more integrations planned.

Zero-Code Implementation

Setting up the Subscription Hub is a breeze. With zero-code implementation, users can get started without the hassle of additional code templates or GAS fees. It takes just 5 minutes and we have a handy guide to follow to ensure smooth onboarding.

AI-Powered Features

The platform is equipped with AI-assisted functionalities like data tagging, reporting, and an AI customer service assistant capable of autonomously resolving over 85% of user queries.

Business Impact

The Subscription Hub isn't just a tool; it's a catalyst for business growth. In initial testing, projects have reported an average of 60% reduction in user attrition rates and a 70% decrease in comparable marketing costs after integrating the Hub.

Privacy and Security

Dmail employs state-of-the-art encryption techniques and machine learning for security risk identification, ensuring the utmost privacy and security of user messages.

The Road Ahead

Dmails vision for the future is ambitious. Dmail aim to establish Dmail as the go-to platform for Web3 communications services, targeting 100M registered users and a peak DAU of 10M within two years. They believe products like the SubHub will get us there quickly as they solve enormous pain points in the industry.


In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, Dmail's Subscription Hub stands as a cornerstone of what the future of Web3 communications should look like: personalized, efficient, and secure. Don't miss out on being part of this exciting journey.

Join the revolution in Web3 communications. Sign up for Dmail's Subscription Hub today.

For more updates, stay tuned to Dmail Network!

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