Enet Crypto Center Limited, a digital currency platform, secures a $40 million investment, aiming t

Issuing time:2023-12-03 15:09

Enet Crypto Center Limited, a digital currency platform, secures a $40 million investment, aiming to create a more perfect trading experience for users.

On November 15th, Enet Crypto Center Limited (Enet), a globally emerging digital currency platform, announced the completion of a new round of financing amounting to $40 million. This round of financing was led by Crypto Circle Capital and other well-known investment institutions. Following this round of financing, the Enet team plans to continue enhancing their technological capabilities, optimizing the trading environment, and further integrating artificial intelligence technology with on-chain cryptocurrency trading, striving to create a more perfect trading experience for users.

This financing is expected to be completed in three rounds by the coming spring. The investing institutions commented on their investment in Enet: “With the development of the digital asset industry, traditional exchange architectures can no longer meet the diverse needs of institutional service providers. Enet Exchange’s infrastructure and ecosystem can provide more customized services to users from different regions and with different experience characteristics. I believe that Enet Exchange’s model will inspire and improve the comprehensive products and services that all service providers offer to end-users.”

The founding team of Enet Exchange stated that they adhere to the concept of long-termism and maintain a lasting focus on the prospects of digital assets. They believe that innovations and applications such as blockchain, tokens, and smart contracts have civilization-level significance, as these technologies empower individuals with more choices and freedom, symbolizing the guidance of social civilization and progress. Enet hopes to be part of this great cause and journey, providing more people with opportunities to participate in the digital asset industry, enabling more people to become practitioners and evangelists.

Enet also plans to use this funding to expand its core platform, extending its business to the global digital economy online market; increase talent input for team expansion and product optimization; collaborate with strategic partners on new product plans; and optimize advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, AI intelligent algorithms, and secure encryption, to fully unlock more value for digital financial transactions.

As a new generation of cryptocurrency exchanges, Enet’s original intention is to solve the problems criticized by regulatory bodies, avoid conflicts of interest that may arise from combining custody, market-making, and trading, and bring new vitality to the cryptocurrency market. This substantial financing indicates that Wall Street giants remain interested in digital currencies and shows that the platform is gaining more and more global support.

In summary, Enet Exchange, by securing support from well-known investment institutions, has further consolidated its position in the digital asset trading industry. Enet will continue to commit to promoting industry development and providing high-quality trading services to global users, allowing everyone to enjoy the value of decentralization.