Content social e-commerce platform “iPANDA” completed millions of angel funding round.

Issuing time:2022-08-08 09:09

Content social e-commerce platform “iPANDA” and its parent company, Sanmo Technology, announced the completion of millions of angel funding round.

iPANDA platform provides clear teaching guidance after the influencers register, from the conventional mode of marketing to apply for free samples and commission, to choose products, produce content, sell goods, make money to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in the long run. A dedicated person is arranged to assist each influencer to content output and product selection in every step, so that the influencers can give full play to their creativity, and make money with content in an easy and simple way.

Based on overseas market sales data analysis, product selection and testing, combined with overseas social media influencer marketing, product selection, samples unboxing, iPANDA platform provides meaningful links and value for the brand and the influencers. Amidst full stimulation of creativity from influencers, iPANDA provides new ideas for the brand products to go global, so that the influencers become a new era of brand marketing experts, playing a greater value between consumers and businesses and creating more accurate and deeper links. With every successful case of marketing, influencers can also precipitate their own value of marketing through iPANDA, thus showing their ability to cash in for more brands and creating new trends with them. Furthermore, influencers empower fans absorption through actual products, visualize their influence on products, so as to truly convey consumers’ voices to brands as well as brand values to consumers.

In addition, iPANDA is dedicated to building a truly influencers-exclusive community, not bound by the brands, where influencers can give full play to their creativity and possibilities, achieve the “beautiful life recording”, and deliver happiness and entertainment. At the same time, influencers can run their own business, and bring more positive voices to society by their influence. Whether it is to speak for the disadvantaged or to reveal ourselves, social media in the new era brings real influence to our lives. We believe we can bring more possibilities for society by our community. The experience of Chinese live broadcasting industry and Chinese consumers will be radiated to overseas influencers, boosting the true globalization of trade, production, consumption and entertainment.

In the general trend of e-commerce development, many marketing agencies have gained financing. Laytain, the founder of Sanmo Technology, told us that the core value of the influencer marketing platform should be reflected in solving the “last link” of brand marketing purpose. iPANDA platform will be more focused on enhancing the efficiency of brands in acquiring traffic and improving the conversion rate of brand traffic transactions through the closed-loop global influencer marketing. Through iPANDA platform, global influencers are linked to achieve targeted traffic diversion and to ensure that the influencers can actually earn money while promoting brands.

iPANDA platform also provides multi-dimensional services and solutions such as marketing task release, data analysis, short video content creation, live streaming, logistics and warehousing, helping influencers commercialize in all aspects.

According to iPANDA, the core members of its founding team came from ByteDance, Alibaba and other companies, and many team members came from Cambridge University, Manchester University, New York University, University of Southern California and other famous schools at home and abroad, a strong team which can be more fully familiar with the overseas crowd portrait and market cultural attributes and design a professional platform in line with TikTok influencer marketing.


Sanmo Technology’s self-incubated influencer--Panda G